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REACTOR, the experience from the beginning
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The lightest, most reliable & powerful dual airbag on the market

For several years, through our own team and partners, our brand ARVA has played an important role in the development, production, and support of avalanche airbag systems. Studying and applying hundreds of actual accident reports, we made the choice to innovate our own specific product in this field. After years of research and development, we are proud to present the lightest, most powerful and reliable dual airbag systems on the market.

What is an airbag backpack?

The airbag system is a new standard in safety equipment, and meant to be combined with use of a beacon, probe, and shovel. It is equipped with a simple lockable/rotating handle : when pulled for deployment, it fills the airbag in just a few seconds. The system increases a victim’s volume, which enables her to be brought to the surface of snow based on the physical phenomenon of “reverse segregation” : largest volumes rise to the surface.

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The REACTOR system
The lightest airbag avalanche sytem the most powerful airbag system airbag cartridge refill centers
680 grams 2 airbags Refillable cartridges

680 grams : the lightest airbag system on the market

The inflation system of the REACTOR has been designed to offer a compact, but also the lightweight avalanche airbag system of the market with only 680 g.

2 airbags & the most powerful inflation system

The REACTOR offers 2 separate airbags to double the security and airbags are shaped to protect your head and maximize the rise-to-surface effect in an avalanche. Also, the trigger handle is ergonomically positioned and designed, and the canister can be removed from the system to practice.

Refillable & exchangeable cartridges

The cylinders are made with high-quality materials. You can refill you cartridge at dedicated refill centers, and use a steel cartridge or a carbon one.

Refill Centers

REACTOR : 1 airbag base, 3 backpack options
1st option : solid

Solid airbag backpacks offer a fixed volume, and can't be changed in a zip. However, the airbag system can be transferred into a SWITCH or a FLEX base, or also into another solid airbag backpack.

airbag tour 25 ul Reactor airbag calgary 18 reactor airbag tour 25 ul

2nd option : SWITCH technology

The SWITCH technology offers a base of only 1 460 grams, a compact low-profile volume, and 5 backpack options. Change the volume of your airbag backpack with only one zip.

airbag st26 airbag st30 airbag tour25
ST 26 ST 30 TOUR 25

airbag tour32 airbag tour40

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3rd option : FLEX technology

Dedicated to professionnals and mountain experts, the FLEX technology offers a base of 1 720 grams and a robust range of backpacks. The modular system is the same than the switch technology : you can change your FLEX backpack pocket with one zip.

airbag flex 18 pro airbag flex 24 pro airbag flex 32 pro airbag flex 40 pro
18 PRO 24 PRO 32 PRO 40 PRO

More info about FLEX Technology

Download the REACTOR user manual