AIRBAG reactor


Quick, flexible, easy-to-use system
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1 base unit, 5 options

5 in 1 Flex System

5 in 1 Flex System Animation
Similar in weight to the rest of the REACTOR line

Our FLEX technology does not require extra zippers, which means no additional weight when compared to a traditional REACTOR backpack.

3 in 1

Whether choosing a bigger pack unit to carry all the essentials for your next big outing into the backcountry or simply renewing part of your system, it takes just a few seconds to switch from one FLEX COVER to another and no need to purchase a brand new backpack.

Designed for professionals

Our FLEX technology is designed to meet the stringent demands of our professional partners. We focused on providing a simple, robust, and easy-to-use solution.

Flex Pro Range
Reactor Blast

The frame in our FLEX FRAME base unit is designed to offer unparalleled carrying comfort during intense use. The shoulder straps, back panel, and waist belt are equipped with reinforced foam to last season after season spent out in the mountains.

By using highly technical materials like P140x210D CORDURA ripstop HR fabric, these heavy-duty backpacks perform day-in and day-out, year after year.

5 pack units, each designed for a specific use

The 5 different-sized pack units in the FLEX line provide mountain professionals with a variety of options based on the task at hand.

  • The R18 Flex Pro is a compact model, ideal for freeride trips.
  • The R24 FLEX PRO‘s compact design offers plenty of space and proves to be the ideal companion for freeride backcountry touring.
  • The increased capacity of the R32 FLEX PRO caters to professionals who need to carry more gear for long, even multi-day tours.
  • The R40 Flex Pro is designed for long hikes over several days, with a lot of equipment.
  • The R35 FLEX BLAST is designed for patrollers conducting avalanche control work, and includes a dedicated compartment for carrying explosives.
Arva Avalanche Airbag Reactor Flex Frame
Reactor Flex Base Unit (not sold separately)
Arva Reactor Flex 24 PRO
Arva Reactor Flex 24 PRO
Arva Reactor Flex 32 PRO
Arva Reactor Flex Blast
Reactor Flex Blast 35
COVER + BASE UNIT + SYSTEM (not sold together)
Arva Flex Pocket Blast 35
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