RACE 240 PROBE (2021-2022)

Extremely compact and lightweight, the RACE 240 probe is designed for ski-mountaineering racers.

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Light as a feather and with no bulk, the RACE 240 probe is designed for ski-mountaineering competitions. It meets ISMF and PDG equipment standards and can be shortened to 2.10 meters by removing a segment.


  • 120 g


  • 2.40m probe when fully deployed, 8 segments 30cm long
  • Compact 30cm long tube segments make this probe easy to stow in your pack.
  • 10mm diameter tubes
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tubing
  • Ultra-lightweight Kevlar tension cord.
  • FLASH LOCK locking system uses a quick and effective knot to lock your probe when deployed.
  • Probe meets ISMF equipment standards.
  • Precise markings on probe indicate snow depth
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