Eco-responsible and Technical

Co-designed with Picture Organic Clothing, the CALGARY 26 is the a technical fully-featured pack for the freeride skier or snowboarder looking for a distinctive, eco-friendly design.

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Co-designed by ARVA and Picture Organic Clothing, the new CALGARY 26 represents our combined expertise in making technical eco-friendly products

We used recycled polyester fabric without sacrificing performance to create an incredible, technical, fully-featured freeride backpack. The roll-top opening closes two different ways and includes an extension for 4L of extra space. This pack’s updated design will not go unnoticed.

Freeride enthusiasts will really like the form-fitting waist belt that makes for an incredibly stable pack on even the toughest descents. For less demanding endeavors, you can remove the waist belt for less bulk. Capable of carrying the widest skis, a snowboard, or an ice axe, this pack is the ideal companion for riding the perfect line. Your snow-safety gear is easily accessible in a large, dedicated pocket located on the front of the pack.

  • How is recycled polyester different from virgin polyester?
  • Why is recycled polyester better?
  • Removable waist belt
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • Thermoformed back panel
  • H20 hydration-tube sleeve
  • Daisy-Chain
  • recycled polyester and polyester
  • is recycled polyester better
  • Removable waist belt
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • Thermoformed back panel
  • H20 hydration-tube sleeve
  • Daisy-Chain
  • How is recycled polyester different from virgin polyester?
    Since the recycling process regenerates the fiber at the molecular level, there is absolutely no difference between recycled polyester and virgin polyester. While both are identical in terms of performance and durability, recycled polyester makes much less of an impact on the environment.
  • Why is recycled polyester better?
    1. Recycled polyester does not require additional oil resources, which reduces our overall carbon footprint by reducing demand for extracting petroleum.

    2. Producing recycled polyester generates four times less CO2 emissions that when making virgin polyester.

    3. Recycling plastic offers the opportunity to reuse resources instead of throwing them away.
  • Removable waist belt
    We believe that an ergonomic waist belt is essential for maximum support on any freeride backcountry or sidecountry outing. In addition to providing comfort and stability, it reduces the load on your back and shoulders. Whenever you head on an outing where carrying a lighter pack is more important than maximum support, remove the waist belt in just a few seconds to reduce weight and bulk.
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
    Since we know just how vital it is to be quick and efficient in rescue situations, we placed a dedicated pocket on the front of the pack for quick access to your shovel and probe.
  • Thermoformed back panel
    With a design inspired by the Picture Organic Clothing logo, the thermoformed form-fitting back panel provides enhanced comfort for your back.
  • H20 hydration-tube sleeve
    The shoulder strap is equipped with a streamlined zippered sleeve to protect your hydration tube as well as keep it out of your way. It also serves to protect the tube from frigid temperatures and the elements.
  • Daisy-Chain
    Daisy chains are extremely useful and versatile, allowing you to strap a wide variety of gear to your pack depending on the outing and your immediate need.


  • 1020 g


  • 30cm x 60cm x 20 cm
  • Large 26L capacity pack expandable to 30L with roll-top opening fully extended.
  • Removable waist belt with one large pocket and two accessory loops.
  • Ice axe loop.
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry system.
  • Carry options for a snowboard.
  • Compatible with the ARVA helmet holder.
  • Equipped with our versatile Daisy Chain system.
  • Dedicated external snow-safety gear pocket.
  • Compatible with multiple hydration systems.
  • Thermoformed back panel with integrated Picture Organic Clothing logo.
  • 48cm long back panel.
  • Dedicated pocket for small valuables.
  • Compatible with a 15” laptop computer.
  • Sternum strap with emergency whistle.
  • Materials: 300D polyester as well as 150D polyester lining, both made with recycled plastic.
  • YKK zippers.
Eco-design X Picture Organic Clothing
Sustainability is in Picture Organic Clothing’s genes. This year we pushed the concept of our co-designed project even further by making a very technical, high-performance and uniquely stylish backpack while reducing its overall impact on the environment.
We use 300D polyester as well as 150D polyester liners that are both made with recycled plastic.
Picture Organic Clothing x Arva Collab
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